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Printing NT Grapple Hook

10/17/13 -- By: Thomas Blamire

This last week end was a successful day for printing Ninja Tomato.
I turned back to Drawing solution and made a painting of NT on the screen. I filled it correctly with Screen filler. Then I did touch ups with the filler on my negative. All this painting with the solution and the filler is like inking without a pencil sketch. It is very direct!
I then used my set up to make 3 prints in black on my shirts. Only one came out well. I was missing areas. I figured it out that the screen was not flat on the shirt.
My next attempt in red with a better set up proved to be a better go. See:

I had attempted to make the Ninja using photo emulsion. This was my second attempt and there are many variables to figure out. I hope to have a better turn out on my next shot.

Ninja Tomato

Ninja Tomato haunts the world of Gard-Zen. He is the ultimate ninja assassin for hire. Tomatos that cross him do not live to tell about it.

Retribution Story

Kaki Story

Ninja Tomato in his own homepage:


Find me on the Web at Artfire, ArtSpan, ArtSource, ArtsWe, ImageKind, Red Bubble and Zatista.

Lost Cities

Lost Cities are inspired by a series of monotypes that were completed a number of years ago; although, I have changed the medium from oil to watercolor and now to airbrush! These landscape panoramas are depiction's of arid wastelands in which previously unearthed structures are finally bare to the orange light. New series of Airbrush Cities: Lost Cities Arena, Lost Cities Wall of Normtal, Lost Cities Shells, Lost Cities Snake,Lost Cities Donut, Lost Cities Monorail, Lost Cities Three, and Lost Cities Fields.


Rebam is a city that is buried deep underground and isolated from the world. Its founder Mr. King believes that he can create a better society than the world. He has the help of The Creator, whom is able to manipulate metal and certain physical laws of physics. He has hired experts from around the world to aid in this endeavor.

Political Tomato

In 2005 I was commissioned by Artsource online magazine to create a political cartoon. These Political Editorials star Political Tomato's comments on the world of politics.


These characters are a team of Covert Ops mercenaries. It is the beginnings of a story about 7 individuals that sell their talent to the highest bidder.

Vampire's Dilemma

I also wanted to share these drawing of a storyline consisting of a small girl, a fallen Priest and a Vampire. This is the Vampire's Dilemma. Although I currently cannot share the plot, please view the first character sketches for this story.


Out of some of my art books, here are some Sketches here for you to see.

The Morning

These three watercolor paintings of a woman awaking in the Morning were made as a series.


The Travelers are a series of women in exotic European countries with scenic backdrops of The Arc of Triumph and Castles.

Character Sheets

I have been working up character sheets for some of my characters.

Tennis Stats

I play tennis with a bunch of guys. I have been working diligently on keeping score on the matchs as well as figuring information about each player. Updated: 1/31/11

Switching the Pull

I currently play with PHP and have figured out a little thing about switching the information I pull from the system on the same page. Please play.